The blog is gone, I’m glad you asked

Moved my blog to, please take a look. All my thoughts are going to be posted there from now on.

This was my first blog I started, I remember the day of 17th July 2007 when I was sitting on in dad’s office and trying to decide where should I start my blog, or

I wasn’t thinking of functionality at that time, I was just thinking which one sounds cool. I would say it out loud and introduce my blog to virtual people around me like

“Hi, you can check out my blog at”

then I would say

“Hi, you can check out my blog at”

I did that for a few times and still wasn’t sure which one to pick up, so I browsed a few blogs on both the platforms, in just 5 minutes, the blogs on WordPress were too good in comparison to the Blogspot.

It took me a few minutes to finally set up my blog, I blame that to the shitty internet connection, perhaps slower than 99% of the world’s internet connection speed. Yes, in 2007, India picked up the speed a little late, and there is still this bloody ‘FUP’ But that’s a story for some other day.

Now that the blog was ready, I couldn’t have shared the links of an empty blog so it was time to think of what to write.

10 minutes of staring the screen, I didn’t write a word (I didn’t know it was called writer’s block though I didn’t even got started)

Then it struck me somewhere in my head that one of my friends was arguing with me the other day something about Burj-al-Arab not being the only 7-star hotel in the world. I told him that it was, but he wasn’t in a mood to agree with me.

So, I wrote about it.

and haven’t stopped since then.

Though I do not write here anymore, I have other blogs where I share my knowledge. Two years ago I took a step to cut down my blog to half and now I have very few. I stopped as well and it has been acquired by another Asif. Good to know there are many other Asifs in the world.

As for this Asif, it will always be Me. Maybe I’ll keep coming back and write about life, there is so much to share after all.

But one needs time for that, which is quite a commodity for me which I can not afford right now. Let’s meet some other day, with some other story.


Deleted all the embarrassing posts.

Landed on the blog after a long time, I don’t write here anymore as I have been doing several things. Started in blog on 17th July 2007 and wrote over 200 posts here, when I read them today, I can see the change in me, all the posts were just random thoughts with lots of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. I was 20 then and now I am in my 26.

In my recent attempt in clearing the clutter, I deleted some of the blogs I had over the span of 6 years, I have deleted all the posts from this blog which are not relevant anymore. Only few left just to make the page look good, but I will not be blogging here anymore.

As I am a full time blogger, I spend most of my time online, and more online properties need more time. Doing this will make time to do other things offline.

The Best Food Blog by an Indian Food Blogger

So, something happened which reminded me of my old blog, this one. My first ever decent online presence was on this blog. I wrote over 300 posts on the blog despite of the fact that I chose the tagline ‘365 dreams’ One Dream Per Day. 

Anyway, the blog has been moved to 6 years since I started this blog. A lot has changed. Have grown hairs on my chest. Got married to a beautiful girl. 

And yes, she has also started a food blog, and I think she has the best food blog in the world. Maybe, I am biased, but I bet you are going to love it if you love food, and I am not talking about the american pie kind of love for the food. 

I think you should visit her blog as well, I mean after visiting mine. 🙂

Three Years and 10 Months to Reach Here

It was a lazy Tuesday morning, (I looked in the calendar) when I first heard that people are getting rich and popular just by writing on blogs, read the news, heard the stories that How blogs are changing the lives of people. Though it was way back in 2006, I took it seriously only when I got rid of my BPO job. That time made me think about it and I was still a confused blogger in a dilemma of taking this new thing as a career. It was 2009 when I finally decided to make it my career and try to work little harder in order to show people that It really has potential of giving me enough money to pay the bills.

While I still have to give my last semester of MBA, I am doing pretty ok if we talk about the professional part of blogging. Just one year since I start a technology blog called Techtip. It doing pretty well and I am getting all kind of appreciation.

In two months’ time, I will complete four years since I started this blog. Now that I have shifted my blog to  to write all random stuff where as I have got different blogs for difference topics and I have hired people to write on them.

This is where I am after three years!

Wow, its been almost three years I have been on this blog. 17th July was the day I started this blog out of curiosity.

I was reading about blogs here and there, I did a search myself and found two options to start a blog. A BlogSpot Blog or a WordPress Blog.

I settled down with the latter. This was incredible journey. I now Make Money Online with my blog. They help me pay the bills and Buy Bread for me.

I am still studying MBA, which will be completed by the next year. I will be making another life changing decision, actually I have already decided that I will go on my own way. That means, I’ll be working from Home and enjoying my life.

I would like to thank WordPress for changing my life as a blogger.

The Struggle to Sell

Today was just another hot day in Delhi , so we just wanted to chill at the nearby Mall.

We were in no mood to get back to our room by the mid night, as the present days are quite frustrating for both of us. Me and Sourav, have nothing to do but battling the hot weather of Delhi.

At the Mall, we had so many things to kill our time. ( when I say things, it means the Crowd ). So, hanging out with friends at the Mall with cold drinks in hands is the best part of my life. As the time passed by and the darkness of night started taking over the evening, the crowd started moving out and there were only few people left out there.

Suddenly we noticed two guys with a book in their hands, trying to make a small conversation with the pseudo intellectuals, but no one cared to get tempted about what they were trying to say, not that thing was our time pass.image

They were polite, they were well dressed, they were so down to earth, as they were salesmen, trying to sell the latest edition of Oxford Dictionary, an Encyclopedia.

After two hours of game, neither of the two was able to impress anyone with their hot deal of Oxford Dictionary @ an unbelievable price of Rs. 500/- (approx. $ 12), which is tagged MRP 49 UK pounds.

imageI and Sourav decided to get a brief introduction of them, not with pity but with concern, walked up to these folks. Both of us were welcomed with the scripted pitch which was almost by heart to us. We made one thing very clear to them that we were not talking to them to buy their stuff. To this Amar refutes saying, “What makes you walk up to us?”, which sounded very rhetorical as he continues “Is it out of pity??”

But, it didn’t shock us as we knew that those words were the most suitable words in that situation.                                                                  

After a small conversation, it revealed that they don’t get incentives or commissions etc, unlike most of us. Its just a part of their job to sell these books to people. This is what we call dedication, that most of us lack. At one point of time, we felt like buying it, but our pockets didn’t allow us to do so.image

Now, it was time to take off, we shake hands. It was a good experience to talk to someone like this, however, the conversation gave us few more info about them, their names and numbers, just in case if we had any references, so we thought to help them in our way, by blogging about them. We clicked their photos and seek their permission to publish their contact info across the globe online, and they were more than happy to it.

This gave us an experience as these Malls are not always about sipping colas, enjoying air conditioned and watching chicks. it is also place for strictly work and no pleasure.

My New Life

After a long time, I happen to wake up early in the morning today. it was so good, I mean I was feeling so proud that I woke up in the morning.

usually it 5 am was my time to get in the up but today I got up at 5 am.

I am so happy, than I called up almost everybody today morning, giving them the proof that I am awake.

Tomorrow, 26 January 2008, my country will be celebrating the Republic Day, the awakening of India, so as mine.

So this Season will be my new life. A resolution made again.

  • No late Shows
  • No More Sleeps more 6 Hours
  • Working Out for 2 hours a Day
  • And get serious on Studies

Happy note:

Now I can chat with my Spanish girlfriend, I always feared that some JOSE will take my girl away just like Adnan did to Briteny.

Thank you GOD, Thank you very Much!!